Resham Majri grant, Doiwala




Infrastructure Facilities

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Total Constructed Area

The School is having the total constructed area of about 7500 sq. meter by having three storey building along with the relevant in built accessories according to the infrastructural requirement as per CBSE’s bye laws.

Rooms And Their Size

There are 59 Nos. different size Rooms (21′ x 18′, 21′ x 27′, & others as 18′ x 10′, 8′ x 8′ ) as per requirement of the CBSE Bye Laws. Housing therein are the classrooms, Science Laboratories, Library, Computer Lab, Staff Room, Confidential Examination Cell, Administrative Office, Computerized Accounts Department, Sports Room, Stores Room all having relevant accessories in a well furnished manner;

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Science Laboroties

With a view to take imagination to reality and showing the student that science is an essence of our life, we enable the students to arise, awake, invent and discover the questions. We, therefore, teach scientific concepts in relation to what children see around them in the following Labs Physics, Chemistry, Biology.

Computer Lab

This objective is being fulfilled by the school by having more than 30 computers along with the facility of wifi computer technology, web camera, scanner, & printer etc. To enable students to have an effective usage in their future life. The said computer lab is headed by software and hardware faculties to provide the fundamental knowledge of the said softwares, hardwares to enable the students to have a sound working knowledge for their future career in the field of information technology.

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As the Library is known as a nerve centre of any educational institute, this school aims to satisfy the needs of the entire school students of all classes. There is a collection of selective books, periodicals & journals, news papers in hindi and english for learning as well as their general knowledge development. The School Library remains open for all bonafide students having the library cards, issued to them by the librarian of the school, where one book is got issued to every student from class II onwards every week to promote reading habits.

Play Ground

Life is a Gift to us from God, Fitness is an unseen power of correlated strength which is told to be brought by active participation in Sports for which PLAY GROUND is a necessity that can not be over-ruled. Hence, H.A.S.S.S.-RESHAM MAJRI has a Play Ground for developing an attitude towards Sports & Games in the Students and to enable them to have their mental & physical fitness.

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Fresh Water

Fresh Drinking Water

The School is also having separate Drinking Water Storage facility away from Urinals & Toilets it is filled by daily pumping the under-ground water through Tube-well so that there is no problem of any contamination. Weekly cleaning of the Water Storage Tank is also taken care of.

Sanitation Facilities

On the said analogy, for taking care of the sanitation, (i): the Toilets and Urinals are situated at a reasonable distance of the Teaching Class-rooms for Boys & Girls, separately; and (ii) the School has regular employee for maintaining the daily/regular cleaning of the Class Rooms, Floors, Urinals, and Toilets etc. with the support of cleaning agents/anti-bacterial solutions viz. Dettol, Phenyl etc. so that no student can be a victim of any disease on this account.


Technological Approach Adopted By The School

Silent Generator Set For Teaching

The availability of a powerful silent generator set having the sapacity of 35 HP/40 KVA provides the H.A.S.S.S.-Resham Majri’s Class Rooms uninterrupted teaching even during power failure. This facility with the H.A.S.S.S. has proved as a boon to the students of all classes from KG to XII with respect to their digital class rooms teaching which is being totally based on the regular power supply to the computers control room which is made possible only through the stand by arrangement of the said silent generator set.

Pearson Digi Classes As a Modern Teaching Aid

With a view to make the students aware of the advancements in computer technology, H.A.S.S.S. started “PEARSON DIGI CLASSES — BANGALORE” BY GIVING THE FULFLEDGED COVERAGE OF THE CCE SYLLABUS (KG to XII CLASS) through Interactive Digital Class Rooms Teaching to enable the students to secure upto 100% Marks. Besides, the said methodology will give the awareness of the said advanced technology for their future prospects in their life as a part and parcel of academic quality. This will further drive uncompromising ethics and professional approach for the students. The students are being taught under this methodology by which the students are able to view the instruction materials displayed by the Teacher in the Class through a set of high quality Amplified Speakers to facilitate clean and clear listening.

Safety & Security System

  • Although the School is bound to give internal security to the students for the duration they remain within the School Campus, the School will not be held responsible for any Mishap/Unforeseen Event, if occurred to any student who avail the bus facility,during the course of their journey except to inform the Parent about the mishap telephonically.
  • Besides, with a view to avoid any unforeseen happening, other safety measures are also taken into consideration e.g. having Fire Extinguishers ready for use.
  • In addition to the above, incase of any students departure on ‘/2 day/Short leave, the student is not allowed to be out unless and until the confirmation of the fact is made from the parent of the concerned student.
  • The School’s Entry Gates are well guarded by the armed personnel so that no untoward incidence takes place on any account.

Provision For Strict Compliance Of The Method (Through CC Cameras)

The overall control of the Educational Technology & Methods is also viewed by the Head of the Institution through CC Cameras to facilitate the students educational aspects in all respects. This methodology can also prevail upon the security measures of the students, with a view to avoid any possibility of mishap in the near future.