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Welcome to Holy Angel School Website. It is a pleasure to share our views and thoughts with you through this website. Our school motto is our mission “From Ignorance to Enlightenment”. We provide the perfect environment for enhancement of academic skills, personality and endurance.School’s educational infrastructure includes suitable spaces to learn.

Sanitation Facilities:

On the said analogy, for taking care of the sanitation, (i): the Toilets and Urinals are situated at a reasonable distance of the Teaching Class-rooms for Boys & Girls, separately; and (ii) the School has regular employee for maintaining the daily/regular cleaning of the Class Rooms, Floors, Urinals, and Toilets etc. with the support of cleaning agents/anti-bacterial solutions viz. Dettol, Phenyl etc. so that no student can be a victim of any disease on this account.

There is tri-fold Parking facility available in the School viz. A large Ground to park the Students/Staffs Vehicles and the BUSES of the School within the Campus. Besides, for outside Visitors, there is another Parking Passage situated near the Side Boundary Wall of the Main Gate of School to enable them to park their vehicles, Bikes, Scooters, & Scootty etc. Where they remain under the careful attention of the Security Guard, posted at the Entrance Gate of the School.

i) With a view to attract the attention of VISITORS, STUDENTS, and others Staff Members, it is a natural phenomenon to divert their attention/interest towards the said Garden/Park by providing the natural beauty by way of housing colorful flowers/plants kept in the Garden/Park which exists with contemporary beauty in the Campus of HAS where a friendly and comfortable atmosphere to students for academic studies is provided.

ii) In addition to the above, it is also experienced that in some cases, fatigue is a symptom of another condition of illness because anxiety, depression, sorrow and sleep deprivation can all produce fatigue which can be easily removed by taking the shelter of Garden Park to which this School tried by making the availability of Garden & Park in the Campus.

(i): Although the School is bound to give internal security to the students for the duration they remain within the School Campus, the School will not be held responsible for any Mishap/Unforeseen Event, if occurred to any student who avail the bus facility,during the course of their journey except to inform the Parent about the mishap telephonically.

(ii): Besides, with a view to avoid any unforeseen happening, other safety measures are also taken into consideration e.g. having Fire Extinguishers ready for use.

(iii): In addition to the above, incase of any students departure on half  day/Short leave, the student is not allowed to be out unless and until the confirmation of the fact is made from the parent of the concerned student.

(iv): The School’s Entry Gates are well guarded by the armed personnel so that no untoward incidence takes place on any account.

The overall control of the Educational Technology & Methods is also viewed by the Head of the Institution through CC Cameras to facilitate the students educational aspects in all respects. This methodology can also prevail upon the security measures of the students, with a view to avoid any possibility of mishap in the near future.

House System

A scheme for best performance

The ideology of evolving House System in the School will be an effective tool to ensure maximum participation of children in maximum activities of different type of programs against which merit certificate will be awarded


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Holy Angel School Gaindikhata is affiliated by ICSE Board we provide International Level Education to our Students. 

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best school in Haridwar

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Mr. Akash Kusum Bachheti

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Our mission is to make a child into a complete human being

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