Labs in Holy Angel School

The School has well equipped laboratories For Physics, Chemistry and Biology,Computer, Students are encouraged to use these laboratories to learn through experiments. Every year latest instruments, specimens, charts etc. are purchased for these laboratories.

With a view to take imagination to reality and showing the student that Science si an essence of our Life, we enable the students to arise, awake, invent and discover the questions. We, therefore, teach Scientific concepts in relation to what children see around them in the following Labs: PHYSICS LAB CHEMISTRY LAB BIOLOGY LAB


Keeping in mind the extensive use of ELECTRONIC MEDIA, the School envisaged this objective fulfilled by providing the students COMPUTER/I. T. EDUCATION through the facility of Internet with LAN Connectivity for current affairs of the country as well as abroad and the requirement of the Curriculum of the Syllabus. This objective is being fulfilled by the School by having more than 30 COMPUTERS along with the facility of Wi-fi Computer Technology, Web Camera, Scanner, & Printer etc. to enable Students to have an effective usage in their future life. In addition to the said facility, to prevent adverse effect on student eye sight, the School made SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT OF REPLACING THE ORDINARY MONITORS BY L.C.D. /T.F.T., Loading/Installation of all SOFTWARE e.g. M.S. Office, WEB BROWSERS, MULTI MEDIA (Photo Shop) etc. The said Computer Lab. is headed by Software and Hardware Faculties to provide the fundamental knowledge of the said Soft-wares, Hard-wares to enable the Students to have a sound working knowledge for their future Career in the field of Information Technology

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