At Holy Angel School

Learning at Holy Angel School we have laboratories, workshops and libraries. Our aim is to keep students up-to-date with latest technology and trends.

Our learning system


  • Dushera celebration, lohri, basant panchmi and Christmas day \ celebration;
  • Celebration of national functions such as Independence Day \ Republic Day & Gandhi jayanti ; anniversaries of legends according to the ICSE calendar;
  • Science , Maths , Arts & SST Exhibition;
  • Annual sports meet in November \ December of every session;
  • Farewell function of the school in February of each year
  • Children day celebration;
  • Teacher’s day; road safety awareness program;
  • Vigilance awareness week;

• Debate competitions;
• Essay writing;
• Painting competitions;
• Class decoration;
• Poem & recitation competition;
• Visual & craft competition;
• Rangoli competition;
• Arts & craft competition;
• Quiz competition;
• Drawing competition;
• Gk competition;
• Display boards; fancy dress competition;

• Physical & health education;
Flower arrangements activity;
Inter school based competition;
• Calligraphy;

Good Faculty
Yoga Class
Qualified Teacher
Karate Class
Computer Lab
Computer Lab
Smart Class
Singing Class
Book Bank
Eco Club
Outdoor Games
Outdoor Games

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