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Learning takes place in schools, school- like environment and in the world at large. In developing countries there is often little formal education, children learn from their environment and activities and the adults around them act as teachers. In more complex societies where there is more knowledge to be passed on there is a more selective and efficient means of transmission. here the school and teacher become necessary.

Education is one of the important issues concerning the progress of the country as millions are left behind in the race of development owning to the lack of education. Education today still remains a far cry for the children belonging to the underprivileged classes, who await benefit of globalization and liberalization to trickle down.

The Picture I Paint is Rather Grim But the question to be Addressed is ” What is that, We can do about it”

My answers might sound the little superfluous but i stand firmly by the words of Mark Twain

Explore, Dream, Discover

Mark Twain indeed was dreaming of the current scenario of education system and we at HOLY ANGEL SCHOOL practice it.

Understanding young minds is our forte and we believe that every soul has a different identity. We look after each child individually and help them to nurture to their fullest potential. Our school value system stresses on making every child morally strong and enabling them to become citizen of tomorrow along with giving a multi faceted exposure to the students. Even though they are given wings to fly, yet they remain firmly grounded to their roots.

The school is inching every moment towards greater heights in the fields of academics, curricular activities and infrastructure.

It gives me great pleasure in thanking the Almighty “Maa Jalandhara” for giving me an opportunity to be a member of this prestigious school. I congratulate our editorial board and students for their unfatigable efforts in bringing out our Annual Magazine “Aakansha”.

This Magazine is the true reflection of the effort, ingenuity and versatility of our students educational scenario. Each must understand that educating an individual and collective nation for bringing out the best in the coming generation ‘where the head is held high’. Let our boys and girls grow as world class citizens – A generation of eminent thinkers.

So let us explore, dream and discover with sincere blessings

Mr.Akash Kusum Bachheti


Holy Angel School

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